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15 Months

We are heading back home from the Truro area in Cape Cod. We were spending this Labor Day weekend at our favorite campground, ABC Family Camping. It has been unusually cold for the past few days so we were glad we stayed in a trailer and not a tent!

We spent some time at the beach (the best baby sitter!) and wondering around Provincetown.



14.5 Months

Alexander now walks quite steadily. He tumbles occasionally but refuses to hold my hand. He is a very happy baby who babbles all the time. In the morning, he is usually running from one room to another babbling all the while. I can’t wait for him to start talking!

Here are some new words Alexander has picked up (all in Russian): папа, часы, чуть-чуть. Today, I offered him a few animal crackers to go with his milk for a quick breakfast. I called the crackers печеньки, which means cookies (close enough). He got super excited and said “Cookie!” in English, which surprised me initially until I realized that his daycare provider must be using this word for crackers and cookies alike.

Some activities this month:

  • We went to Natick Organic Farm again to see some bunny rabbits and feed them. We saw some other animals too:

  • We went to a birthday party that was held at an indoor spraygroubd – huge success!!!
  • I let a neighbor’s cat come in our kitchen and poured some milk for him (I think it’s a he – hid name is Jethro). Alexander was so happy sitting in his high chair enjoying his milk while the cat did the same!

North Truro, Cape Cod Vacation – June 2016

During the last week of June, we went to our beloved vacation spot – North Truro in Cape Cod. Needless to say, this year it was a lot different from last year when Alexander was just 2 months old. Besides that, instead of camping, we rented an apartment in the same area, just down the street from our favorite coffee shop.

The apartment we rented was at the Millstone, a historic inn built in 1892. The couple who rented it to us was lovely. I do have to say though that the place turned out to be haunted, and as much as I don’t believe in things like that, I did hear footsteps on the second floor one night. The owners later confirmed that the place is haunted. A woman who lived there fell in love with a man who later cheated on her. She killed herself by jumping off a cliff. In fact, one of the owners’ friend once stayed overnight, and she woke them up screaming and told them she felt she was being strangled.

The ghost did not disturb us as much but I’m still hesitant to leave a review for this place online:))

Alexander loved the beach and the sand in particular. He even tried it a few times :((

We only went into the water once, at Corn Hill beach:

During the week there, we visited Provincetown quite a few times to walk around, eat gelato, and people watch. We even caught a glimpse of El Galeon – a tall ship from Spain that came to Boston as part of an annual tall ship event in Seaport. We also enjoyed some live music and dancing that day!

We explored Wellfleet and ate dinner at Mac’s:

Alexander tried new foods such as lobster:)) Every time, he would eat half of my plate and tell me to hurry up with giving him food:))

We rented bikes and a buggy and went up a bike trail all the way to the Province Lands Visitor Center (and back)!

Oh and we finally visited Truro Estates – a local winery! It’s hard to believe that for the past ten or so years we’ve been coming here it was our first time at the winery. We did a tasting and got some goodies:))

I think it’s pretty cool that my son gets to grow up so close to the ocean!

13 Months

We are two days away from celebrating Alexander’s 14-month birthday! This month has been filled with adventures and important developments. Here is an account of what Alexander is doing this month:

  • Our little бублик is walking now!!! He stared to take a few steps right before his first birthday but he really took on at around 13.5 months. He is still a bit wobbly, although he is very eager to run everywhere! He gets so excited that he sometimes tumbles down right before he reaches his destination:))
  • With that, we have been presented with a new set of challenges as we haven’t baby proofed the house much (we did go as far as locking the kitchen cabinet that contains all the cleaning supplies though).
  • Alexander has 7 teeths: three on the bottom (front) and four on top (also front). I think he is in a lot of pain sometimes because of teething and gets very cranky and likes to bite my hands or his pacifier.
  • Oh yeah… the pacifier is still around.
  • He likes to brush his teeth before bed and giggles a lot when we do that!
  • Alexander likes to say MAMA (a lot) and even refers to my husband as mama, which said husband is not particularly thrilled about but he hasn’t been successful at getting Alexander to say “papa” yet.
  • Other words that Alexander now says are (all in Russian): сыр, банан, бабу (арбуз), кап-кап, буль-буль , Майя (пчелка:)), нам-ням (куда же без этого!!!)
  • We are switching him to the food provided at his daycare this month so I will only supply some fruit/snacks.
  • He switched to one nap at the daycare but still does two naps at home.
  • His sleep habits got worse during our one-week vacation at the Cape but he is back to normal after we let him CIO again (took one night and about 20 minutes).
  • Alexander loves meat (and cheese and bread) but berries – not so much. In fact, I can’t get him to eat a single strawberry or blueberry or raspberry (the latter is fine, more for mama!). He does love watermelon, peaches/nectarines, mangoes and homegrown cucumbers (although not a fruit;)). He asks for a tomato every time he sees one and sinks his teeth in it but ends up feeding it to me every time. The same goes for all berries:))